Financial Institution Event - Strengthen Relationships with Valuable Customers

Business Challenge:

Customer appreciation event historically held at client’s private property in headquarter home state and planned internally. Western Region wanted to break the mold of the past destination/venue and also outsource the event to a professional incentive/event management company.


  • Find a destination/venue in region that was within budget, had accessibility to fly fishing & golf, and was desirable enough to attract high-end customer
  • Gain corporate confidence in outsourcing decision
  • Maximize time spent between customer and client


dai created an appreciation event that retained customers by:

  • Identifying most profitable customers and strategically assigning them to key corporate executive/managers throughout the event
  • Developed and implemented an event with group-oriented activities (golf, fly-fishing, card tournaments) and relaxing environments for meals

dai created an event website, attendee reference and registration


  • Achieved maximum attendance capacity; customers actively participated in program
  • Realized 12% savings from original budget
  • Corporate Headquarters approved next year’s event – confidence was realized
  • Client/customer relationships were strengthened by common event experiences

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