Box.gif Name & Local Entertainment & Production

don anderson started in San Francisco in the 60's as an entertainment production and logistics management company for name entertainers.  We have produce shows for our clients throughout the the world - Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East..



Name Entertainment

  • Comprehensive talent rosters from all major Talent Agencies
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Technical Rider negotiation and implementation
  • Turn-key pricing - all inclusive or net plus 15% production fee

    Event Entertainment

  • Theme Event Acts
  • Bands, Orchestras, Party Bands
  • Specialty Performers - magicians, look-a-likes, mimes, vocalists 
  • Dancers and Dance Revues
  • Production

  • Staging (custom and stock sets)
  • Sound/Light Coordination
  • Show Scripting
  • Choreography
  • Media Integration

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    Super Bowl Packages


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